Reusable Cloth Pads

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Set of 3 x 8” Regular cloth pads as pictured.
Set of 3 x 11” Regular cloth pads as pictured.
Set of 3 x Maternity cloth pads as pictured.

Made by Crimson Cloth Creations.

What kind of fabrics are used to make Crimson Cloth Creations, Cloth Pads?

Our Cloth Pads have a simple construction which is made up of a topper fabric, a core, and a backing.
The Topper fabric will consist of either a 100% quilters cotton or a plush Minky fabric.
The Core is made up of Hemp/Bamboo fabric. This is the absorbent part of the pad.
The Backing Fabric is made from Anti-pill Microfleece which not to be confused with a Microfleece fabric that is used in cloth diapers or cloth nappies. NB: These are not the same kind of fabric. The Anti-pill fabric used in Cloth pads is a kind of Polar fleece, which is water resistant. The Microfleece used in Cloth Diapers/Nappies is a moisture wicking fabric that is specially made for the Cloth Diaper industry.

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