Smoothie Bombs

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These Smoothie Bombs are the perfect solution for those busy and on the go people, especially busy Mums! Full of organic super-foods, each ball contains 10 nutrient rich ingredients. It's as easy as adding your choice of milk and fruit, and one crumbled Smoothie Bomb to a blender to create your nutritious smoothie.

The Healer - Vanilla Hemp (LIMITED EDITION)
Makes 5 delicious vanilla smoothies! This limited edition healing booster combines sweet vanilla with nutty hemp, blue butterfly pea flower, nuts and seeds.

The Warrior - Peanut Butter
Makes 5 delicious nutty smoothies. This energy booster combines a strengthening blend of peanut butter, apricots, maca, nuts and seeds.

The Transformer - Super Greens
Makes 5 delicious green smoothies. This detox booster combines a cleansing mix of spirulina, matcha, lemon, lime, nuts and seeds.

The Motivator - Raw Cacao
Makes 5 delicious chocolate smoothies. This iron booster combines a rich fusion of raw cacao, coconut, chia, nuts and seeds.

The Lover - Super Berries
Makes 5 delicious berry smoothies. This antioxidant booster combines a nourishing blend of açaí, goji, cherries, cranberries, nuts and seeds.

The Defender - Golden Chai
Makes 5 delicious golden chai smoothies. This immunity booster combines a warming combo of spices, figs, nuts and seeds.

Each tube contains 5 boosting Bombs, which create 5 nutrition-rich smoothies.